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The automotive industry is dealing with an increasingly complex environment. Automotive companies are facing challenges regarding their globalization strategy, research and product development, cost reduction and reengineering. They are confronted with huge overcapacity in the market and are challenged by the necessity to invest in new drive technologies. Meeting these challenges requires executives with specific skills, attributes, and experience who can successfully manage the changes and lead companies through turbulent times. In this competitive environment, Ginkgo Search Partners' Automotive Practice brings value to the client by identifying and attracting qualified executives with the drive to create ongoing change. Our executive search professionals know their industry and the market they serve. Their cutting edge search skills and consistent identification of the best candidates for each search help clients earn the highest return on their investment.


Our executive search specialties within the automotive industry in China are including:

The smart car industry is becoming the new battlefield on which traditional car manufacturers and Internet companies are competing. One of the latest players entering the arena was announced in January last year when LeTV, best known for its streaming video platform introduced Le Supercar. Meanwhile, an increasing number of high-profile executives from established car manufacturers has been poached.

Executive Search China: China's LeTV Is Poaching International Executives For The Super Car Project
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