Our Principles


Ginkgo Search Partners is committed to adhering to the highest professional standards within the executive search industry. Our executive recruiters value the quality of the service to our clients and the way we treat our candidates. We assist our clients in a consultative process aimed at identifying, assessing, selecting and developing future business leaders in China. As executive search professionals, we follow a code of professional ethics aligned with the principles of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).


Our distinctive culture is based on long-term partnerships, a high-level of commitment, and mutual trust. Before starting an executive search project we inform our client about any possible conflict of interest. We are aware that the advice and solutions we provide to our customers can have a significant effect on the businesses we serve and impact the future career development of our candidates.


Ginkgo Search Partners delivers consulting services with honesty and diligence. We develop a collaborative relationship with the client, ensuring clarity around the nature of the search assignment and all expectations and obligations. We communicate openly and frequently throughout the project.

Dedicated Search Methodology

Ginkgo Search Partners provides quality services and uses a robust and result-oriented set of methodologies tailored to each search assignment. We combine a deep understanding of the executive talent market in China within a range of industries. Outstanding executive recruitment services begin with a full understanding of our clients' organization, their business objectives, and unique company culture.


For executive search assignments, we are committed to treating each and every candidate with respect. We assure to provide every candidate with prompt and comprehensive feedback throughout the executive search process. Within one year after project completion, we guarantee that we will not approach any executive from our client's organization on behalf of another company. Integrity is the single most important tenet of our executive search principles. Our executive recruiters will not compromise their integrity at any time or for any reason. 

Fairness & Objectivity

The ethical principles of fairness affect every aspect of our consulting work whether searching for, assessing or developing business leaders in China. While conducting executive search assignments, Ginkgo Search Partners exercises independent judgment in identifying and evaluating potential candidates and communicates openly when clients should consider modifying their requirements. Candidate assessment will be undertaken with professionalism and impartiality. We have an ethical obligation to avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients and candidates.


Ginkgo Search Partners is committed to treating information provided by our clients and candidates with utmost confidentiality. We understand that the irresponsible release of information can have unforeseen and potentially catastrophic repercussions. We protect any confidential information entrusted by our candidates and clients. We only share information with the prior consent of either the client or candidate. Candidate or client information is never shared beyond the scope of a specific search assignment. 

Diversity & Inclusion

As trusted advisors, Ginkgo Search Partners provides clients with their best, most informed counsel. That includes the business case for diversity and the urgency with which leading companies must compete for and leverage diverse executives. We strive to capture the competitive advantage of diversity and inclusion for our clients. We assist our clients in the successful onboarding, integration, and development of talent, and help clients identify and build a culture of inclusion.