Logistics Executive Search in China

Executive Search Transportation Logistics in Beijing, China

The transportation and logistics industry has been driven by key challenges including achieving operational excellence, process improvements, cost minimization, fostering service innovation and creating the right IT environment. Increasing commoditization of services and margin pressures are creating a need to transform the business from standardized transactions to solutions-based offerings. The ability to develop a successful approach to talent management is today’s most enduring source of competitive advantage as well as a management challenge. The industry’s increasing complexity driven by consolidation, as well as evolution in terms of demand requires executives with an in-depth professional operational expertise combined with a strategic orientation.


Ginkgo Search Partners has a profound experience of serving Transportation & Logistics companies in China, including some of the largest players in the industry. Our executive search assignments range from board level, regional executive management, and functional leadership positions across China.


Our executive search offering within the transportation and logistics sector in China includes: