Our Executive Recruiters

Our executive search consultants harbour a unique blend of professional executive search experience in China and deep industry expertise. We bring years of leadership experience in the very sectors and functions for which we provide a range of executive recruitment, leadership assessment and leadership development services.


Our executive recruiters are backed by a team of outstanding research professionals from our offices in China who are organized into industry practices to maximize sector specialization and knowledge sharing across the company. Our researchers have access to our proprietary information technology platform to facilitate global searches. We frequently work with our executive search partners across international borders, reflecting the international reach of our clients and the global nature of the candidate pool.


The executive search consultants who will be working with you provide distinctly personal service and direct accountability. The people you will see are the people you will get being fully committed to the principle of ‘one face to the customer’.


Ginkgo Search Partners only focuses on a limited amount of projects at a time and acts as a single point of contact for all client related issues. In addition to our fully owned offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), and Singapore we leverage our international partner network consisting of executive search professionals and industry sector experts in order to offer our clients global reach and comprehensive services and insights.

The Steps of the Executive Search Process


The executive search process allows executive recruiters to achieve key milestones during the search life cycle. It provides a solid foundation for effective and targeted recruiting. It is a very thorough process that guarantees each assignment to have a list of strong candidates. Below are the five main steps of the executive search process.

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Executive Compensation in China: an Overview


China’s economy is booming and Chinese businesses are fighting hard to recruit the best talent locally and abroad. Executive compensation in China still differs from compensation in the U.S. and Europe but the landscape is changing rapidly. Although promotion and bonuses are the norm for compensation, now there are new elements at play, such as stock options, or the added pressure of accountability as Chinese-listed companies must now declare their executive's salaries publicly. This article gives a brief background to executive compensation in China and highlights current trends for local and expatriate pay for executive talent.

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The Hidden Benefits of Retained Executive Search


When companies seek to attract management and professional talent from outside their organization, they have various options. They can decide to manage the process internally by posting job advertisements and leveraging their networks or they can outsource the recruitment process to a professional search consultant. If they decide to work with an external service provider, they can either engage a contingency recruitment or a retained executive search firm. Why might organizations face limitations of managing the recruitment process in-house? What are the differences between contingent recruiters and retained executive search consultants? How will these different recruitment approaches affect your business?

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