Leadership Development Professional in Beijing, China

Leadership Development in China & Asia

We strongly believe that the most important resource that a company possesses is the people that comprise the organization. Leadership development services enhance the quality of leadership within our client's organization. Ginkgo Search Partners links leadership assessment outcomes and development activities directly to business requirements and we create individual development paths that enable executives to achieve their full potential.


Our services focus on personal leadership effectiveness and are built by blending our client’s unique context with a rigorous, practical and well-researched framework. We support our clients to develop new and deeper leadership capabilities in a variety of situations, such as when they embark on a new strategy, need to develop their talent pipeline and bench and to improve the deployment, engagement, and retention of their leaders. The development of high-potentials to effectively take over the leadership challenges in the future is known as succession planning. Many of our multinational clients require international transfer and experience to build a future leader.


Succession planning is a specific service within a range of leadership development solutions that require a sharp focus on organization's future and vision. Ginkgo Search Partners' experts know that those succession decisions are critical in sustaining organizational performance and success. Yet, the quality of the planning processes and approaches that underpin these decisions vary enormously. As business volatility increases and CEO tenure gets shorter, clients are turning attention to the need for efficient succession processes that sustain organization stability and performance through leadership transitions. 


Our clients partner with us in the design and implementation of effective corporate succession plans and leadership transitions, including alignment around future leadership requirements; identification, assessment and selection of candidates; and transition planning and on-boarding for new leaders. Blending our firm’s executive search and leadership consulting capabilities, we run a twin-track process providing clients with a comprehensive internal and external corporate succession picture. This ensures we identify and develop successors who will take the organization to the next level. Our approach is designed to help clients identify and evaluate the next senior executive and prepare them for their success.