Executive Search & Recruitment in China


Investing in top executives is the most critical decision for every business that wants to be successful in China. We believe that a company is only as great as those who lead it, and as an extension of your management team Ginkgo Search Partners will identify and deliver executives who will make an immediate impact. Our international reach and deep intellectual assets are the keystones of our position as a preferred supplier and value-adding service provider.

Executive Search

Executive Search is our core competency and our experienced consultants will help you identify and recruit top leaders for your business in China. We support fast-growing startups, mid-sized businesses, and international Fortune 500 companies to attract top talent to their organization in China and help them grow to their full potential. We work across a range of industries that are clustered in our practice groups to leverage sector specific knowhow.


Our executive search process follows a clear and structured search methodology and we are able to attract passive candidates below the radar through a competent and discrete direct approach. A thorough understanding of our clients' needs combined with a flexible and uncompromising research process are key credentials of our competitive edge. We are committed to reaching the highest quality standards in finding, attracting, and assessing top talent in China.

Leadership Assessment

Our Leadership Assessment services are an extension of our retained executive search offering to ensure that clients develop complete understanding of the depth of their leadership capability. Clients who want to benchmark the quality of the internally available leadership talent and ensure that they have the right leaders in place will benefit from tailor-made offering. 


Our executive search consultants provide a professional and objective evaluation of your management team in China. Every assignment is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and benchmark the internal talent pool against external talent market. The external candidate pooling can be seamlessly combined with our executive search offering.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development services enhance the quality of leadership within our clients' organizations. Our recruitment consultants link the outcomes of our leadership assessment and establish individual development paths that enable executives to achieve their full potential. Our services focus on personal leadership effectiveness and are built by blending our clients' unique contexts with a rigorous, practical, well researched framework.


We support our clients to develop the capabilities of their leadership team in China in a variety of situations, such as when they embark on a new strategy, need to develop their talent pipeline and improve the retention of their leaders. Many of our multinational clients require international transfer and experience to build their future leadership team in China.


Blending our firm’s retained executive search and leadership consulting services allows our clients to stay ahead of the game and ensure that they have the best and brightest executive talent for their business in China in place. 

Latest HR Events

Seminar: The Digitalization of Human Resources, Shanghai


Digital transformation is changing the game for human resources leaders and executive search professionals by transforming the way organizations recruit, manage and develop their people, driving engagement, innovation and productivity to new peaks.


What impact will the digitalization have on HR? The insights delivered by smart analytics are no longer available just to IT and financial gurus but to a range of people throughout organizations – including HR employees, executives and managers – who are already using it to fundamentally change the way they work.

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AmCham China: Human Resources Conference in Beijing

Source: AmCham China

The field of Human Resources in China is perpetually expanding in scope and complexity. Technological change has left no aspect of HR untouched – every area has been affected, from talent acquisition and retention to human capital management. 


This year’s AmCham China Human Resources Conference was dedicated to promoting HR Innovation in a world of digital transformation. Each year, the AmCham China HR Forum invites corporate Human Resources leaders, executive search and leadership development professionals, technology and service solution providers, and other senior executives to come together and define the best practices in the human resources world.

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European Chamber in China: Human Capital Conference in Beijing


The European Chamber held the annual Human Capital Conference in Beijing discussing the critical role that Human Resources Management plays in running a successful business in China.

One of the overarching themes discussed through the conference was that HR executives need to shift from an administrative function to a comprehensive strategic approach to HR derived from the specific business requirements in the Chinese market. 

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Debate on Management Localization in Beijing - Is China's Golden Age for Expats Over?


Localization policies in China recently came into the spotlight of foreign media due to a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal called Twice As Many Expats Leaving China Than Arriving.


This article is based on a survey conducted by a relocation firm and according to the company’s customer data, twice as many people moved out of China than into the country in 2014. 

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HR Forum China in Beijing - International Assignments, Recruitment, and Chinese Labor Law


Human resources related topics such as increasing labor costs or finding and retaining qualified staff are among the top business challenges for German companies in China.


The HR Forum which took place in Beijing provided a platform for 30 participants to take a look at HR issues from different angles, including the perspective of the parent company in the home country. Mr. Kai Mütze, Managing Director, IAC Unternehmensberatung GmbH addressed the question of how to better manage international assignments, allowing a smooth transition and rewarding development for employees sent abroad as well as their parent companies.

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