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Ginkgo Search Partners aspires to be one of the most reputable international boutique executive search firms specializing in attracting outstanding professionals to fill mid- to senior-level management positions in China.

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We know where to find and how to attract exceptional leaders in China with profound knowledge of your specific industry and match the culture of your organization. Identifying and attracting this executive talent requires a rigorous approach combined with thorough understanding of various industries and functional roles.


Our executive search consultants apply real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skills, professional experience, and personal qualities to advance your company strategies and achieve outstanding results. 


Our candidates are carefully selected and in order to attract exceptional executives in China we work to reach the highest professional standards. As executive search professionals Ginkgo Search Partners follows a code of professional ethics and handles our relationships with clients, candidates, and colleagues with great care.


We serve both national and international companies in a diversity of industries and work in each market segment with only a limited number of clients. This approach ensures the least possible restriction on potential sources and provides us access to a large talent pool.

Tailor-Made Executive Search Services

Ginkgo Search Partners understands executive search as an extension of management consulting, which frequently provides significant benefits beyond executive search including assessing an organization and its culture, integrating a new executive for optimal success, and advising leaders on their professional development. Building on long-term client relationships allows us to better understand your business and talent strategy needs and enables us to stay practically focused.


Our primary mission is to provide top quality management for our clients that will bring them lasting and sustainable success and promises long-term and productive partnerships. Our tailor-made executive search services and understanding of the intentions and requirements of our clients are just as important as our intensive and continuous dialogues with our executive candidates. Ginkgo Search Partners is committed to the highest quality in the selection of your candidates.

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Executive Insights

Our Executive Insights Blog is a unique knowledge base with articles, covering a wide range of executive recruitment and talent acquisition topics in China. You will find a preview of our most recent blog posts below. Maybe you are also interested in learning more about the hidden benefits of retained executive search or the unique characteristics of executive compensation in China?

Seminar: The Digitalization of Human Resources, Shanghai

Digital transformation is changing the game for human resources leaders and executive search professionals by transforming the way organizations recruit, manage and develop their people, driving engagement, innovation and productivity to new peaks.


What impact will the digitalization have on HR? The insights delivered by smart analytics are no longer available just to IT and financial gurus but to a range of people throughout organizations – including HR employees, executives and managers – who are already using it to fundamentally change the way they work.

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Top 5 Human Resources Challenges in China

Human Resources is one of the most important branches of any business organization. A quality HR department will ensure that its company has recruited the best of the pool of available talent. Yet, in some circumstances the HR team fails to provide the optimum quality of labor due to the many shortcomings that they face. This is mainly related to the hiring process where they fail to recognize skilled and experienced employees.


Yet in China the challenge doesn’t only rely on the Human Resources team in a business, but on the quality of the overall labor supply. Here are top 5 HR challenges faced by China's local and foreign companies.

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China Offers Personal Tax Relief to Attract Executive Talent

China offers tax benefits to attract executive talent

The Chinese government is expected to implement personal tax relief policies that were designed to attract top executives to the country. The government also hopes that the new policies will benefit both large corporations and fast-growing startups to retain their brightest executive talent.


Business insiders in China expect a tax relief on noncash types of compensation to be offered to top corporate executives. It is one of the steps  that Beijing is willing to take in order to keep highly qualified executives from leaving the country to pursue better opportunities overseas. 

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