Executive Search in China

Ginkgo Search Partners aspires to be one of the most reputable international boutique executive search firms specializing in attracting outstanding professionals to fill mid- to senior-level management positions in China.

Access Top Talent in China


Our executive recruiters know where to find and how to attract exceptional leaders in China with profound knowledge of your specific industry and match the culture of your organization. Identifying and attracting this executive talent requires a rigorous approach combined with thorough understanding of various industries and functional roles.


Our executive search consultants are more than headhunters and apply real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skills, professional experience, and personal qualities to advance your company strategies and achieve outstanding results. 


Our candidates are carefully selected and in order to attract exceptional executives in China we work to reach the highest professional standards. As executive search professionals Ginkgo Search Partners follows a code of professional ethics and handles our relationships with clients, candidates, and colleagues with great care.


We serve both national and international companies in a diversity of industries and work in each market segment with only a limited number of clients. This approach ensures the least possible restriction on potential sources and provides us access to a large talent pool.

Tailor-Made Executive Search Services

Ginkgo Search Partners understands executive search as an extension of management consulting, which frequently provides significant benefits beyond executive search including assessing an organization and its culture, integrating a new executive for optimal success, and advising leaders on their professional development. Building on long-term client relationships allows us to better understand your business and talent strategy needs and enables us to stay practically focused.


Our primary mission is to provide top quality management for our clients that will bring them lasting and sustainable success and promises long-term and productive partnerships. Our tailor-made retained executive search services and understanding of the intentions and requirements of our clients are just as important as our intensive and continuous dialogues with our executive candidates. Ginkgo Search Partners is committed to the highest quality in the selection of your candidates in China.

Executive Search Benefits

  • Experienced executive search consultants 
  • Access to a large executive talent pool in China
  • Systematic research conducted in-house
  • Industry specific recruitment practices
  • International candidate networ
  • One face to the customer approach
  • Building on long-term client relationships

We help you recruit top performing executives in China. 

Our Latest Insights

Our Executive Insights Blog is a unique knowledge base with articles, covering a wide range of executive recruitment trends and HR topics in China. You will find a preview of our most recent blog posts below. Maybe you are also interested in learning more about the hidden benefits of retained executive search or the unique characteristics of executive compensation in China?

Plant Manager Search: Automotive Supplier in China (Case Study)


Ginkgo Search Partners Automotive Practice Group successfully concluded an executive search mandate to recruit a Plant Manager for an international automotive supplier in China. Our retained client is a global player in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry and specialized in developing and manufacturing automotive interior systems and seating components for offroad vehicles, trucks, buses, and trains. Our client served some of the major international premium OEM brands, including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Daimler.

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The Evolution of China’s Executive Search Industry (Infographic)


China's executive search industry has been developing rapidly over the years and is expected to continue growing. What are the driving factors of the increasing demand for management and C-level executives in the country?


As China continually proves itself as one of the world’s superpowers with a supersized economy to match, it has found that it needs more and more senior executives in order to keep up with all the demand for growing firms and businesses. When a business grows, it must inevitably hire more employees, including those at senior and C-suite levels. When it comes to hiring these top-level executives, it is important that companies hire candidates who possess the skills, qualifications, and experience they are looking for, as hiring subpar senior leaders may undermine their growth down the road.

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Top 5 Job-Hopping Trends in China (Infographic)


Once the Chinese New Year holiday is over, the phenomenon of job-hopping takes over the job market. Job-hopping is a tendency of professionals to seek jobs that best suit their needs and preferences. The current generation of white-collar employees in China will not keep a job just for the sake of having a job if they have a chance to get a position that provides better opportunities.


Apparently the young generation has a different perspective on their career development than did their parents and grandparents who were happy to keep a job if it provided a degree of financial stability and food on the family table. Today young professionals are looking for various perks, better salaries, and other advantages that make a new job more attractive.

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