Leadership Assessment in China

Ginkgo Search Partners' approach to Executive Leadership Assessment strongly integrates with our executive search and leadership development services in our portfolio to ensure that clients get complete understanding of the depth of their leadership capability in China.


Evaluate your leadership pipeline

Clients seek our customized counsel in leadership assessment if they want to know the quality of the internally available leadership talent in China to drive their strategic business initiatives. Having the right leadership model in place and being able to assess and benchmark behavior and competency against it is a fundamental requirement for effective strategy execution.


Ginkgo Search Partners ensure consistency by using a profound methodology, a flexible proprietary model, and highly trained and skilled recruitment consultants. We have dedicated tools and services for every stage of the leadership pipeline and deliver an objective, neutral, and professional evaluation of leaders and company leadership in the context of the strategic needs of your organization

Building an effective talent pool

We deliver actionable insight and precise results, enabling leaders to maximize their impact in a focused and efficient way. Ginkgo Search Partners works with each individual leader to address their strengths, values, development areas, and alert them to risks and potential derailers.


Our consultants tailor every assignment to meet the specific needs of our clients and benchmark the internal talent pool against external talent market. The external candidate pooling can be seamlessly combined with our executive search and leadership development offering.


Another service is the review and design of leadership behavior and competency models that align directly with strategic imperatives. We conduct competency based interviews to probe for evidence of the key behaviors and competencies of each evaluated assessment of a candidate.


Ginkgo Search Partners provides detailed assessment and development reports identifying key strengths and highlighting development areas for individuals and the team as a whole. We deliver an objective, neutral, and professional evaluation of leaders and company leadership in the context of the organization’s strategic needs.