Beijing Motor Show: SUVs in the Spotlight, Beijing

Executive Search Consultants in Beijing - Beijing Motor Show 2016

On April 25 the 14th Beijing Motor Show opened its doors to the public. The event is held every two years on an annually alternating basis with the Shanghai Motor Show and is one of the largest international automotive shows in the world. 


This year's Beijing Motor Show put a spotlight on sports utility vehicles (SUVs). There is an increase in demand for large cars in China with automakers now talking about increasing space and the number of people that can fit into an SUV. 

Leading international carmakers, including Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, and GM followed this trend and displayed new SUV models, many of which were concept cars not yet mass-produced. In comparison to 2015 SUV sales in China increased by 52%, one of the few auto segments that continues to grow.


So far international car producers still lead the way despite the lower prices offered by Chinese local brands. But there are interesting concept cars presented by Chinese companies too. Take for example LeEco, the parent company of Faraday Future, often referred to as China’s Netflix. LeEco presented its vision of a high-end EV which is a direct rival to Tesla’s Model S. This concept car gives us an idea of evolving Chinese cars that could be available on the market a few years down the road.


Our executive search consultants from the automotive practice in Beijing took part in the event to learn more about the latest trends of the automotive industry and network with key decision makers.